About us

Meet Amburix Belgian Craft Brewery

BierflesjesHave you always dreamed of brewing your own beer, but you don’t have the knowledge or a brewing installation? Then you are at the right place! Do you have a recipe or just some ideas? Everything is possible, while we help you brew your own beer. With our experience, we guide you from inquiry to delivery.

In the beginning Amburix Belgian Craft Brewery was not a brewery, but a liquor store called Daniels. Over the years, Amburix has grown into a brewery that focuses on contract brewing. The brewery of Amburix is located in the charming town of Tongeren, which is one of the oldest towns in Belgium. Our mission is to help people create the beer they always dreamed of, without compromising on the quality.

When you visit our brewery, it is also worth exploring the town of Tongeren. With a Vespa you can follow different routes through Tongeren, so you can see the city in a unique way. We recommend Vespatoerist for the best Vespa’s and routes. More information can be found on their website: vespatoerist.be. 

Some places worth visiting in Tongeren:

  • Gallo Roman Museum: a fun but educational museum that is interesting for both young and old.
  • Beukenberg: an aqueduct that forms a beautiful walking area near the city center.
  • Plinius Park: Tongeren’s city park, where water plays a leading role.