The Brewery

Tanks With a passion for brewing, we have been creating original flavors of craft beer since 2012. We produce various types of beer under our own brands and we serve many customers from all over Europe.

Our main driving force are new ideas, experiments and searching for interesting solutions. We do not like boredom, monotony and standing still.

Beer is always our top priority – it must be of the highest quality. Craft beer that is well-thought-out, refined, free from defects and, above all, repeatable. We do not compromise on production. Kraft beer brewing is a long process. We take our time … It should be great, or not at all.

We put our heart and brewing knowledge into each of our new beers. We make every effort to ensure that it meets the diverse and demanding tastes of all beer lovers. What matters most to us is a consumer who will appreciate the drink brewed from high-quality ingredients and the smile that appears on the face of everyone who tries the effect of our efforts.