Our Process

From inquiry to delivery

Study or develop recipes

  • We first start by defining the type of beer, its tastes, its ingredients, its yeast.
  • We define its flavours.
  • We make a first test and we evaluate.
  • If necessary, we make a second test.
  • We finalise the recipe so that it is ready for production.

Creating label & boxes

Our team is ready to help you with creating a label for your beer. We will develop three examples of labels based on your ideas and preferences. After giving your feedback, we will finalise one of the three labels.

Do you want to sell your beer in a beautiful box? Our team can help with that too.

Quality control

Years of experience and careful selection of brewing raw materials have allowed us to obtain the maximum quality and repeatability of beers. Quality control is carried out in our brewery at every stage of production, starting with brewing, and ending with aging and confectioning.


We don’t compromise on the quality. That’s why we monitor and evaluate our brewing process and your beer every day. We want to take your beer to the next level, while you don’t have to worry about a thing. At Amburix Belgian Craft Brewery, we are specialised in brewing beers according to classical methods, using only raw natural materials of the highest quality.

Filling & labelling

One of the last steps in our process is filling the bottles, or in other words bottling. At Amburix Belgian Craft Brewery we have our own bottling line where the filling of the bottles takes place under strict hygienic conditions. We also have a barrel line if you prefer your beer in a barrel. After filling, the labels will be attached to the bottles or barrels.

Packing & logistics

This is the final step in our process, where we pack the bottles in standard packaging. Do you prefer your beer in a crate or a beautiful gift box? No problem. Every idea is welcome at Amburix Belgian Craft Brewery. For the logistics, we cooperate with a recognised external partner.


Our ingredients are selected very carefully. If possible we work direct with the producer, like local farm for the grains/malts and hop farms in the west of Belgium. We look for organic farms. Ecology is also an important aspect when choosing our ingredients.

We have all ingredients to produce beers with the logo “made in Belgium”. We also use logo’s “Belgian Hop” – “Belgian malts”.


  • We produce our own barley at the Halen Marienrode farm, which belongs to one of the shareholders of the Amburix Belgian Craft Brewery. The own, local barley is afterwards malted in a local maltery.
  • For the rest of our production, we buy malts mainly from France origin.

Hops of the world

  • Our Belgian hops are, of course, at the top of the list.
  • We use special hops from USA for extreme IPA’s.
  • Poland, especially the Lublin area, is a big producer of hops.
  • Czech is big hop producer for bitter hops and pils hops.
  • Australia has some special hobs.
  • If you need and other hop, we will get it for you.


  • Water is not only an essential natural resource for people, it is also an indispensable resource for beer.
  • Water is one of the most important ingredients of beer and of the operation of the brewery.
  • We keep our water use as ecological as possible and have set up more ecological projects for the future, where the re-use of water plays an important role.

Production capacity

The capacity of the brewery depends mainly on the Brewhouse and the fermenters.

  • The Brewhouse is a traditional three vessel 20HL made in Italy.
  • Our tanks are all 80HL, so we need to brew a minimum of 2500 litres per brew.
  • We are planning some additional tanks of 40HL which lowers the minimum number of liters per brew a bit.

brewery lab

In our brewery lab we do a 7/7 follow-up of the fermentation per tank. We invested already quite a lot in capturing data to determine the yeast profile of each brew, so that we can do everything that is necessary to make each new batch the same as the previous one.